My friend, Cj

For those of you who dont know, Cj no longer plays game with me. The reason or motives of this choice he madwechose is still very cloudy. 

4 Years ago I watched a youtube video covering a new “movement / trend” called together to the top, or (TTTT). I posted a comment saying how ” No one watchs my stuff, so why should I try?” Candleburns replied with a comment of how he would watch my stuff and from their I was inspired. From the beggining he helped fuel my inspiration and motivation to get into PC gaming and start producing content of which I can post to youtube. 

I didnt have many friends in school as I wouldve liked, and I wasnt really all that popular so when I could, Id get on and try to play as much as I can. We both shared a lot of simular interest (music, games, movies, etc…) and this sparked the beginging of not only a friend, but a brother. (From another mother lol)

Sometimes we got in arguements and my humor is dark and gritty so people usually got hurt or offended, but it would always turn out and we would work it out. From my perspective honestly, down the line I think he saw me as a bother, just another problem in his life. I am a very open person and Im not shy to share my opinion, and this might be why I lost my friend. At the time we stopped talking I did not see anything wrong. It was just like another day, where we all said ” bye” and logged off, but the next day he did not return. It was the time around his 18 birthday so I thought “he’s probably just out for his birthday but unfortunately this was not the case.” 

Even though sometimes I would be kinda of mean a total jerk to him, in retrospect I looked up to him as an older brother. I was more jelous than of angry when I critized his work and videos. Cj’s comedy is very humorous and his editing skills are beyond superb. 

I dont know how life will turn out right now missing someone who I considered my best friend. I just hope he understands of how much he has impacted my life and has influenced me in my gaming and youtube channel. I wouldnt be who I am today if you didnt send that comment 4 years ago, and I hope you know a simple comment like what you sent left an impact.

I type this not to explain to the people of my POV of what happend but more of so a “Thank You” Cj. 

Cj, thanks for the good times